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Below are some selected case studies to illustrate the benefits of the affordable, custom applications that we provide.


Organization: Medium Business 

Services: Paper -to-App; Spreadsheet -to- App; App Integration

Integrated Rehab Consultants (IRC) is a Chicago-based company that provides medical staffing services to skilled nursing facilities throughout the United States.


IRC had a big challenge:  they had a market of over 15,000 facilities and over 60,000 people to track sales against, all while hiring from a pool of tens of thousands of physicians, physician assistants and nurses.  IRC had evaluated multiple off-the-shelf CRM's, but couldn't find one that met their unique needs.


Clear Ocean worked with several stakeholders at IRC to gather their requirements and design an application to meet those requirements.  Clear Ocean took information from the multiple spreadsheets that IRC was using and melded it with information from the database to give them a customized view of their data.  They can now track their pipeline and tasks related to facilities and physicians.  They have even added on sections to offer continuing education credits prospective physicians as well as track companies for prospective acquisition.


Organization: Small Business 

Services: App -to-App; App Integration

Street Photography International (SPi) is the most viewed street photography resource in the world with over 12 million views per month.  Each year, this London-based organization runs a very popular photography contest where they receive submissions from around the world.


In 2018, their contest received thousands of submissions.  The system they were using to track and judge those submissions was quickly overwhelmed and did not meet their needs.


For their 2019 contest, they turned to Clear Ocean Solutions to build them a better system.  Within a few weeks, Clear Ocean had a system up and running for SPi to test and fine-tune. 


Users from around the world were able to enter the contest by uploading their photos and paying for their entry with either Stripe or PayPal.  The system automatically tracked which photos had been paid for and then organized them to allow the judges to easily evaluate the photos. Clear Ocean even built an integration with Integromat to reduce the size of the photos stored in the system to minimize storage costs.


Everything went so well that SPi is planning to use the system for all their contests going forward.


Organization: Small Business 

Services: Paper -to- App

Utah-based Bayete Group is known for the excellent service they provide on their African safaris.   However, when they landed a large contract with a national organization, they knew that they had to up their game. 


Up to this point, they had been using paper forms to register clients and manage their safaris.  With the uptick in volume and because of the global nature of their business, Bayete needed to move to a cloud-based solution in order to continue to provide the same level of service they did previously.


Clear Ocean was able to work with Bayete to define the solution they needed. They delivered a working web application within a month of the project kick-off at a price far below that of offshore developers.  No matter how well the software is defined upfront, users always want changes once they start using it. Because of the technology that Clear Ocean uses to develop software, these changes were quickly implemented so that Bayete could continually improve its service to its clients.


Not only is Bayete using their app to their advantage, but now their clients, sales reps and outfitters are all on the same page instantaneously without having to email scanned documents back and forth!


Organization: Nonprofit 

Services: Paper -to-App; Spreadsheet -to- App

A Tampa-based non-profit organization, Operation Healing Forces (OPHF) organizes retreats for injured special forces personnel and their spouses.  An overwhelming number of participants in their retreats cite a positive impact on their recovery.


OPHF had been managing their operations for years on a collection of different spreadsheets and were experiencing all of the headaches that come from doing business that way:

  • Version control issues where two different people would make changes in their respective copies of the spreadsheets.

  • Data changed in one spreadsheet did not update related data in a different spreadsheet

  • Accidentally making changes in an old version of the spreadsheet

  • Not knowing who had the latest version of the file

  • No ability for two people to work on the same spreadsheet at the same time

  • Manually updating formulas and cell formatting as the data expanded


To complicate matters, they were also using paper-based forms for some of their work.


As a non-profit, they did not have a significant budget to hire additional staff in order to ease the burden on their current staff.  Clear Ocean was able to merge their combination spreadsheet/ paper workflow into one seamless web application allowing them to run their non-profit more efficiently in order to save on their limited resources.


Organization: Medium Business 

Services: Spreadsheet -to- App

OilPatch NDT is a Houston-based company that provides non-destructive testing services to the oil and gas industry.  They were managing their day-to-day jobs by cutting and pasting information into Excel spreadsheets to issue the job instructions to their field teams.  This was a tedious, time-consuming and error-prone exercise.


At his previous company, the general manager had built a computer-based system to automate the workflow and he knew the power it brought to daily operations.  He also experienced the high cost and long schedule that comes with traditional software development methods.


Clear Ocean was able to automate his new business in a fraction of the time and cost of his previous business using low-code technology, freeing up the significant amount of time that used to be spent on generating the work orders and earning more money for the company by ensuring that each job was properly closed out and invoiced.

Integrated Rehab Consultants
Street Photography Intl.
Bayete Group
Operation Healing Forces
Oil Patch NDT
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